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Always Remember “P. C.” For Supply Of All Agate Items

The company was started before 35 years by Mr. P.C.SHAH. The company exports its products continously in USA since 1995.

We are the Wholesale Supplier of all kinds of Agate items like Necklace,Braceselt & Metal Pendulums, Stone Pendulums, , Worry Stones ,Pyramids, Beggar Beads Necklaces, Tumbled Stones, Imitaiton Jewelry, Onex Rodi,Tree Nuggets & Fancy Neckless& Other Agate Products etc….

All the above variety will be available in stones like :- Baggers Beads, Tree, 36’’ Uncut Line, Crystal Japmala, Shree Yantra, Agate Fancy Set, Trommble Pinjara Neckless,Braceselt,China Beads, China Bracelt,China Shaps,Onex Trommble,Round Beads, Plate,Reiki Items,Fancy Pandent Set & All Other Item & Gift Articles.

Our Products are of consistent high quality and the prices are reasonable as we work on low margin and high volume basis. We also assure the supply within delivery period.

We at Heeral Exports present ourselves as Exporter of Agate and Natural Agate and as the leading quarries owner and Manufacturer, Exporters and Wholesale Suppliers Of Metaphysical Products, Gemstone Products, And All Indian Products since year 1995. Healing Sticks, Healing Wand, Beaded Necklace, Agate Necklace, Tumble Stone Necklace, Beaded Pendulum, Metal Pendulum, Tumbled Stones, Stone Bowls, Gem Trees, Pyramids, Agate Bowls, Ball, Agate Pencil, Gemstone Faceted Pencils, Star, Jumbo, Massage Stick, Obelisks, Spheres & Eggs, Worry Stone, Agate Arrowheads, Rune set, Mercaba stars, Merkaba Star, Carved Stone, Hearts, Cross, Drop, Faceted Drop, Gemstone Arrowheads, Gemstone Donuts, Tumbled Chips Un-Drilled, Shiva Lingam, Natural tumbled stones, Dyed tumble stones, Tumble Stone Nugget, Rough stone, Fossil Stones, Agate Chips ,Agate Bagger Necklaces, Chips Necklaces, Agate Bracelet, Crystal beads, Cabochons, Onyx Plate, S, Chakra Stones, etc.